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Choosing random

Hi I'm new to the site and this is my first guide.

This is about choosing random. Random gives you an advantage over your opponent. He doesn't know what you are, but you know what he is. The biggest thing is, your opponent will not be comfortable in the early game. If he has a special build that doesn't use an early scout, he would have to change it so that he could scout your race early on.  Builds that have an early part that rely on knowing what your opponent's race is, cannot work very well.

A lot of ppl complain about random players, but its actually a very hard thing to master. You have to be able to play all 9 match ups, which is three times the amount of practice you normally would do. Here are some general tips:

Always scout! People sometimes say they don't want to reveal what their race is, so they hold the scout back. I like to sneak my scout into the middle of the map and avoid their scouts.

Know what his base should look like, before your scout enters it. This helps you figure out what he's doing. If you're against a Protoss and you know his base should have a gateway and a cybernetics core, but he has two gateways with a third building, then you know he's going to try and rush you back. This let's you deal with the harass.

Don't memorize the all the hotkeys. Of course, hotkeys for workers or marines are very useful to know, but don't try and memorize all the upgrade hotkeys for battlecruisers. It would be helpful to know which button it is to click, but you will go crazy trying to memorize three races worth of every hotkey.

Have your hotkeys relatively similar. For example, "5" is always your CC or nexus, and 4 is always your first building. Of course there has to be a few changes for zerg.

Play standard, trying to take expansions and mass up an army. Going for sneaky things only work when you practice the build often and know all the timings.

29 Mar 2010 | Comments (0)
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