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Printable sc2 maps

 by Ngtvcrp

While waiting for the final release of SC2 with Blizzard sorting all the issues out (so much post-patch13 lag!), I decided to learn the maps that are most popular. From watching the replays, I would like to chart out what the players are doing on a map. If ur like me who hasn't played SC for ages, learning the new maps will help u out. Alas, the prob is there are no printable maps around after i googled for it (the dark colors really make ur prints look like carbon paper). 

So decided to do the next best thing and edit the high res maps myself (thx @teamliquidnet) by converting the colors on MS paint.

All I did was made the pic into "negative" and "auto-balance" the colors. Thats it. 

Now after printing it looks MUCH better and i can highlight all the choke points. minerals, enemy position, etc. 

Here's how Metalopolis looks:

metalopolis printable map


I've placed them all in here at ngtvcrp.posterous.com, so i guess u can dl and print it urself!

For the swarm,


24 May 2010 | Comments (1)
Tags : map  print  

Ngtvcrp wrote (2010-05-24 14:49:34)

avatar Zergling

sorry, that aint metalopolis! my bad. that's blistering sands. Here is metalopolis


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