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Terran vs terran

 by Telecom

Terran vs Terran

Take into consideration

  • Map
  • Map size
  • Your ranking
  • Your opponents ranking
  • What i mean by ranking is if your favored, or is your opponent is favored

! Notes on maps

  1.  Rarely attempt to all in on kulas ravine, or desert oasis.
  2. On any other map as terran an " all in " build can be very strong and can win you most games, or put you into a very safe situation
  3. Example : 2barracks with physics addon for marauders + 1 barracks with reactor for dual marine, this build can win alot of games on maps with breakable rocks. (rocks blocking path's) for example, Scrap station , Blistering sands

The reason I say safe situation is because if you 3rax and pump alot, in TvZ or TvP it will put your opponent in a situation to have to not be aggressive, so where you were just doing an all in build you can transition this into a ' fast expand ' build which wouldn't be really considered too fast, but still you will be expanding faster than your opponent due to the fact that he is waiting for you to attempt an all in.


Other than that In Terran vs Terran I find it's very useful to just start out pumpin 2 marines, to be safe of a rush, as well to kill scouting SCV while you get factory + a 2nd gas.  Once factory finishes you can either go for 1 barracks with a reactor\ add on , then lift barracks and put factory there so you can pump out alot of hellions, meanwhile put physics add on and pump marauder, once you have about 6 hellion / 6 marauder go to harass, otherwise do the same build but add a 2nd rax for double marauder or dual rine with another reactor.  Then harass and expand while you are harassing.

My favorite build of all in TvT on more conservative maps like scrap station, I like to just go 1 rax, 2 marines, factory, 2nd gas, starport, then lift starport to a previous reactor your made off barracks, meanwhile pump 2 vikings to keep safe of a banshee rush.  Then expand with tank / siege,  and the vikings will keep you safe from a early banshee attack. Pump marauder along with the tank and then add on about 4-5 with 3 physics add on's for marauders and 2 for marine, or 4 physics and  1 reactor, marauders can take alot of fire from tanks and still be ok.  Especially with stimpacks, as long as you are mixing your units well you should be able to expand safely.

Heres a replay explaining this build in more detail :



Enjoy. I will be adding more information about Terran vs terran as I learn this difficult matchup more. Thank you.

28 Mar 2010 | Comments (3)
Tags : terran vs terran  

Pete wrote (2010-08-06 03:18:19)

avatar Zergling

also i have read many strats and build orders....what about including when your should get an enginering bay and when you should get infantry upgrades.... also.. whats more important.... getting stim or getting slow missles for maruaders and what situations should you get marauder missles or stime i dont know just a thought..once again thx for the help.

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Pete wrote (2010-08-06 03:10:56)

avatar Zergling

I've been using your strats and they have been working but i was wondering about one of your comments. you said they you like to use your favorite tvt strat on more concervative maps like scrap station.... what do you mean by a conservative map why is scrap station a concervative map, and what would be an example of a non concervative map or what would that mean..... hope the question makes sense thx for the help

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Silentdeath wrote (2010-03-30 19:18:33)

avatar Brutalisk

Yerran is the race im going to play. Keep posting your terran guides.

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