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Zerg vs terran

 by Telecom

Zerg VS Terran

! ) Starting out you have to take a few things into consideration.

  1. The map, on certain maps you can totally alter your build due to the size of the map / scout timing / ect.

  2. Is the player favored vs me or not? The favored system is pretty accurate, although you can win alot vs alot of your favored opponents, it still will be a fight !

  3. Build order.  When seeing the map you should be brainstorming good effective builds that can work on this map / vs this player and his race. (Terran)

Desert Oasis - On this map you can actually go for a for a fast lair / 2gas for mutalisks. Of course building zerglings while you expand.  What you will want to do is 14 drones then spawning pool.  16 drones then overlord when pool is finished along with a queen.                                                

The player will scout you fast so you can throw down a roach den and build 1 set of zerglings and chase his probe down , your queen will be out soon so you shouldnt have to worry about scout.  Cancel roach den and his scout will be out and start lair / 2nd gas / expand and pump lings meanwhile hunt down more scouts.He will most likely have no idea that you are going mutas if you killed scouts (scv) and will be preparing for roaches the whole time , expecting a roach / expansion and he will be preparing a timing push for it, and will ultimately be owned.

Kulas Ravine - On this map I can't give much of an advanced description.  Just go for 14 drones then pool, you can try fast speedling and stop terrans early attack or rush in if its possible, although this is more risky then just massing roach with FE (Fast expansion), into zerglings with roach.       Or you can just mass roach and go lair into hydra once your in a large tier 1 unit force.  From then on just macro hardcore  and try to secure more expansions and more into higher tech tree's.

Steppes of war - On this map you can really 13 pool, pump 2 drones, gas, 16 drones over lord -> queen then 2 more drones so 20 / 26 roach den / mass roaches over lord and keep pumping roaches, you can win ALOT of games with roach rush but if not then just fast expand and macro, Roach ling into hydra later once your force is very high.  

More maps soon...

25 Mar 2010 | Comments (3)

Telecom wrote (2010-03-26 18:27:34)

avatar Ghost

I agree.  I rarely hatchery before pool, but now with new patch im playing terran, as well with new reset ^^... gl hf gg =)

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Buzzjuice wrote (2010-03-26 13:01:23)

avatar Reaper

Tips for Desert Oasis:

The map, because it is structured as such, is very powerful for air units. Watch for the Banshee cheese where the Terran players mass up Banshees and attack like in this game:




Also watch for Hellion rushes and factory proxies near your base. However, now with the Patch 6, marines got nerfed in terms of how much time is takes for marines to get built up. 

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Seven wrote (2010-03-25 23:05:11)

avatar Brutalisk

I can give a few tips for Kulas Ravine.

Against protoss, early mutas can harass his workers because of the cliffs. He will then get paranoid about the mutas, and tech phoenix. This is when you take your 3rd (destroy it with spare lings and roaches at the start of the game, so you have access to it) and transition to hydra/roach, upgrade carapace and missile. Put down a spore crawler to defend ur overlords. Trade armies with him (taking out his immortals, stalkers, etc.) while expanding and pumping out more hydra roach.

You'll have spare minerals, make sure you keep injecting larva to get a good size group of lings w/ your spare minerals. Nydus his 3rd, and have some roach/hydra join in on your harass. Have the roach/hydra target buildings, while u run your lings into his mineral line. If you've succesfully sniped enough phoenix, transition back into muta/corruptor, corrupting cannons if he has resorted to that. Zergs transition very well. Finish off with broodlords.

Try to avoid expanding before pool. I always think getting your queen out first is better.

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