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New starcraft 2 replay of the month: lucifron vs dimaga

 by Jame

NEW Starcraft 2 Replay of the Month: Lucifron (Terran) vs Dimaga (Zerg)


After viewing dozens of replays and taking into account suggestions from the Starcraft-Replay members, we've finally found an awesome replay for you to watch.

It's really a nailbiting game, where you don't get bored a single second.

Enjoy, and please don't forget to rate and comment!

Starcraft 2 Replay of the Month Lucifron vs Dimaga

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03 Apr 2010 | Comments (3)

Jame wrote (2010-04-05 18:53:34)

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nice analysis, awaken :)

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Awaken wrote (2010-04-05 15:37:56)

avatar Zergling

This was a nice play-hide-and-seek-harras example :) However, Zerg was constantly pushing behind because the zerg player did not build a Spire. No way, he could have counter your forces without proper air support. Mutas could be handy. 

The banshies did a good job destructing some important key camps. Stealth ftw. After approx 10-12 min, the main camp of the zerg player was destroyed along with its workers, so basically that was the point where zerg already had a major economical disadvantage.

For the Terran, I think if you had build-3-4 vikings and took out those overseers, your banshies could have a free game all along. A) You would have undetectable stealth, B) Zerg would have lost valuable spots to make units.

Harrassing is definately a key element to SC2. Harrassing is all about pinchin pinching and pinching, to a point where you can stagger an economical breakdown. :).

Nice game.


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Telecom wrote (2010-04-03 21:09:35)

avatar Ghost


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