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Starcraft 2 beta - new patch notes - patch 7

 by Jame

StarCraft II Beta – Patch 7 (version

Balance Changes

    • Banshee
      • The health has been increased from 130 to 140.
    • Missile Turret
      • The damage has been changed from 7+7 armored to 12.
    • Thor
      • Anti-Air damage has been decreased from 10+6 light to 8+4 light.
      • Anti-Air attack now deals splash damage in a 0.5 radius.


    • High Templar
      • The Psi Storm radius has been decreased from 2 to 1.5
    • Photon Cannon
      • Life and Shield values have been increased from 125/125 to 150/150.


  • ZERG
    • Broodlord
      • Damage has been decreased from 25 to 20.
    • Roach
      • Organic Carapace no longer grants bonus regeneration to unburrowed roaches.
    • Spine Crawler
      • Damage has been increased from 20+10 armored to 25+5 armored.
      • Attack period decreased from 2.2 to 1.6.
    • Spore Crawler
      • The cost has been decreased from 100 to 75.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue in which players would desync when matched against others with certain CPUs.



Looks like they want to make the thor the perfect unit against small sized, stackable air units. Looks like it was designed specifically with Mass Mutas in mind.


Photon Cannon upgrade.Encouraging turtling, interesting.


Also big upgrades to Spine Crawlers. This will definitely help the Zerg defend their fast expands, I'm not sure if this is a good thing, because they already defended them fairly well as it was. Time will tell.

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01 Apr 2010 | Comments (4)

Telecom wrote (2010-04-02 05:18:16)

avatar Ghost

make terran even more powerful ohhhhhhh nooooooooooo... its ok my ZvT is good

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Buzzjuice wrote (2010-04-01 20:55:14)

avatar Reaper

It seems the Protoss keeps getting nerfed and nerfed. I like the fact that defensive structures are getting a boost on the Protoss side, so that rushing CAN be stopped and those cannons aren't a complete waste w/o a wall to defend them. I'm skeptical about the sunken crawlers because they are pretty god, but I like the spore crawlers change. Because it is cheaper, it encourages building them to prevent airborne rushes. The most famous use I can think of is the Banshee rush on Desert Oasis, which is fatal to Zerg. Having cheaper spore crawlers, gives more excuse to build them in precaution.

Banshees are very good. I don't know why the HP buff, since it has good HP and does quite a bit of damage. That 10 HP is game breaking if spells like Psionic Storm don't kill them. And this gives more excuses to cheese a banshee rush. I was honestly thinking of Blizzard nerfing their power. I think it is better that they have a HP nerf, while retaining their damage. 

Also, the HP/Shield buff to Templar. This makes doing spells on the Templar like multiple snipes, and Psi Storms less and less effective. Though Psionic Storm needs a buff. I mean it is already nerfed from Brood War so why reduce it further?

On the Terran side, I like how Missile Turrets are getting buffed because they now deal more damage to Mutas and I like the fact that the Thor is now becoming a solution to mass mutas. Terrans are pretty weak in ground to air Anti Air because they just have marines and Thor.

I whole heartedly agree with the Brood Lord nerf. It is just way too powerful, once you get 5 of these in the battlefield. They tear through ground units because of the broodlings and how they mess with the AI. Actually I was thinking that the Brood Lord just attacks with 15 or 10 damage. The resulting broodlings are pretty powerful in terms of damage (2 broodlings that do 20 damage each!) 

Roaches need to be nerfed further. I like how Blizzard tried to create a micro aspect by having organic carapace only affect burrowing but the upgrade is in the Hive tech, so unlikely to get it in early mid game and the Roach is already powerful enough without needing this updgrade. I mean the speed and the move burrow upgrade are just too good to ignore and Roaches still have 2 armor! Seriously!

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Pokkit wrote (2010-04-01 19:37:24)

avatar Zealot

Maybe instead of reducing the Psi Storm radius they could make it do slightly less damage.  Just 2 or 3 of them can destroy an army of weaker units (and only 1 for the weakest units if they get all ticks of damage), and I imagine anyone with High Templars would be able to throw out more than just 2 or 3 Psi Storms.

The upgrade to Spine Crawlers seems unnecessary.  They already seemed quite powerful to me. 

The missile turret upgrade is nice; they'll probably be more able to defend against any Muta harass at the mineral line or something like that.

As for the Banshee HP upgrade, how game-breaking is 10 HP?  I suppose it'll take 2 more hits from weaker units to kill it and 1 more hit from others.  If you have a lot of Banshees, that increased survivability is nice, but I haven't seen many people get a ton of Banshees.  Maybe I haven't watched enough Terran replays to see a large force of Banshees.  It'll make the Bancheese a little more difficult to counter, at least.

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Jame wrote (2010-04-01 10:53:06)

avatar Thor guide with a copper shield awardedguide with a copper shield awardedguide with a copper shield awardedguide with a copper shield awarded shields awarded

Are you also happy with the upgrades to all defensive towers? I think this was a necessary change. But on the other hand this makes it even easier for Zergs to defend their fast expand, which might not be a good thing.

The psionic storm nerf is dissapointing. I hope they'll revert it back and find another way to balance it. The current radius is just bad.

And the most surprising change is the banshee upgrade, I thought they were already pretty damn good at what they did.


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