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Build order: zvt baneling break

 by Seven

                    I noticed there hasn't been a guide yet for this. I think it's a really strong build any Zerg should have in their repetoire.  I'm sure many of you have already seen something similar, but here's the breakdown of the build. 

                    Everyone who hasn't played the beta yet can still learn this build and execute it relatively easy (assuming you have previous RTS experience).


BUILD ORDER: Baneling break vs Terran

  • 10 Overlord

I really suggest the extractor trick: take your 10th drone when you have about 60 minerals and have it morph an extractor. you should have about 50 minerals when that's done, to make another drone.  Immediately cancel your extractor and put that worker back on mining.

  • 14 Pool
  • 14 Gas, 3 drones on gas immediately as its done
  • 15 Overlord

The second the spawning pool is done, make a queen. Morph your two larva into lings.

The rest of the larva you get are all going to be put into lings.

Get ling speed with your first 100 gas.  Hopefully you've destroyed any scouts in your base with your initial lings. Its best to keep your opponent in the dark with this build. Use your remaining lings to find your opponent.

The next 50 gas goes into a baneling nest.

Now for the important part. Use your lings to run up his ramp and see what he's doing. You can pull back instantly, to only get vision and not lose too many lings.  Most terrans might wall in with a barracks and some depots.  Note what his marine/marauder count is.  If it seems low, even after you've had a few lings at the 5 minute mark, he is probably doing some tech build.  Spend all your gas on banelings, the second your nest is done.

Banelings do +20 against light (marines, hellions), and they work really well against the depots.  When you decide to attack, send both your lings and banelings up the ramp.  If you can micro it, have your lings slightly ahead, but make sure there's a line for your banelings. 

The second you break the depot, have your lings surrounding stuff.  If you initially saw that he had quite a bit of marines, you could wait for more banelings before you attack.  If you see that he is teching factory > starport, or something similar, you could probably go in with just 4 to 5 banelings and all zerglings.

This build is great because you would definitely have 300 minerals to expand.  Try not to think about killing him with the baneling break.  It is only to slow him down while you expand and get your lair tech up. 

That being said, if this is one of your first games against beginners, they might crumble just from losing scvs to your lings, and losing marines to your banelings.

25 Mar 2010 | Comments (3)
Tags : baneling  vs terran  build order  

Leetpanda wrote (2010-04-13 23:10:48)

avatar Zergling

Would this build work well against a 3 racks marauder rush?

great guide btw

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Seven wrote (2010-03-25 17:48:06)

avatar Brutalisk

Thanks for the tips. And thanks to whoever prettied up my write up :)

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Jame wrote (2010-03-25 15:43:01)

avatar Thor guide with a copper shield awardedguide with a copper shield awardedguide with a copper shield awardedguide with a copper shield awarded shields awarded

Nice guide!

Add a few pictures and some color here and there and it'd go from great to awesome :)

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