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Protoss build: 2 gate rush

 by Akimoto

Build Order:

9/10 ► Build 1 Pylon

11/18 ► Build 1 Gateway.

13/18 ► Build 1 Gateway & send your probe to scout.

Save Chrono boost for Zealots!




• This usually works for keeping the opponent in their base. When the timing is right, produce assimilators and a cybernetics core for adding additional units to your army.

• If excecuted correctly, this build would be enough to pressure the opponent while keeping him in his base. Keep in mind that while your zealots are away, your base are undefended unless you build a forge+cannons.

This build is to counter popular aggressive builds like 4 RAX & 4 WG rush builds. It also allows you to transition easily into Immortal or Colossus builds.


06 Apr 2011 | Comments (0)
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