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Protoss strategy: chrono boost

 by Akimoto

Chrono Boost is a Protoss ability that increases production and/or construction of buildings and units by 50%!Chrono Boost is casted from your Nexus and costs 25 energy and lasts for 20 seconds.

It is very important to get this down so you can quickly cast Chrono boost at all times!


To use the Chrono boost efficiently you must learn to use it quickly.

At the start of each game always Hot key your Nexus to the control group “1-5″, this allows you to quickly select the Nexus by clicking 1-5 (whichever you choose).

Once you have the Nexus selected hit “C” to select Chrono Boost which can then be casted on any buildings that you want to increase production or reduce research time.

10 Apr 2011 | Comments (0)
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