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Decent protoss strategy

 by Dallas

i have found that a good combo of voids and carriers upgraded can beat about anything that comes at it. to start off this strategy is the normall protoss build. get 10 probes. build pylon. build gateway. while gateway is building chrono out 2 more probes and build your assimilator. then build cybernetics core. while the cc is building get 2 more probes out then build a 2nd pylon. when thats done build 2 or more gateways and then research warpgates a soon as the cc is done building. chrono whenever you can with the cc research. once thats done warp out a few units just in case a small rush comes. then build two stargates and when they are building upgrade your air weps. once done make some voids and then you should expand whenver you feel comfertable and continue to make pileons and dont forget to keep upgrading. when you have expanded make your fleet beacon and then make a combo of voids and carriers. attack when you feel like it and by then you should have upgraded air and you should make a large dent if not killing off both teams. look at my videos to see what i mean about the order of builds.

05 Nov 2010 | Comments (0)
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